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Published Jan 30 2019

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Published Jan 30 2019

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The Automated Assistant for Every Employee

How much more productive could you be if you had an extra 1-3 hours back in your day?

Simple tasks such as meeting scheduling and searching for files can take hours and derail an otherwise productive workday. Stop juggling between time-consuming admin tasks and your priority work, and let your automated assistant handle it!

Chat with your assistant in natural language, just like you would with a real assistant. is entirely powered by A.I. with no human interference, it works when you work, where you work.

Your assistant lives inside of Cisco Webex Teams to help you offload and automate everyday tasks including:

📅Managing your Calendar

  • Schedule, update, and cancel meetings with no back and forth emails
  • Get a snapshot of your day with morning briefings
  • Easily set up and receive reminders via chat
  • Quickly block off time for you when you need it
  • Be prepared for meetings with automatic meeting briefings

ℹ️Finding Information:

  • Find files that live anywhere in your organization with one quick search
  • Find answers you need to FAQs without bothering colleagues
  • Generate standard documents (like NDAs, or employment contracts) in just a few clicks

Try out for free today and save up to 15+ hours in productivity a week!

For more information: See our company website [Email us](mailto:

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