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Published Nov 3 2016

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Published Nov 3 2016

To-do bot (

Bot by To-do bot
A simple and powerful to-do list within Cisco Spark

Meet to-do bot

To-do bot is a task manager that can be added to your Cisco Spark room.

Never miss another task again by using to-do bot to help you create tasks whilst the conversations are actually happening

  • Get started right away without registration
  • Increase productivity without switching applications to manage tasks
  • Save time by creating a to-do list during your conversations

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How to use to-do bot for Cisco Spark

  1. Add to-do bot to your room: add to the room that you want to use to-do bot in.
  2. Create and assign tasks: Mention @to-do to create a new task and tag the team member to assign a task instantaneously: "@to-do Create customer presentation @marysmith."
  3. See all tasks in the room: See all the tasks in the room by typing "@to-do list"
  4. Mark tasks as done: Simply type done against the task number to mark as completed: "@to-do TPXX done"

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