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GitHub Cloud (

Bot by Cisco Systems

Published Dec 6 2018

How to add to a space

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Published Dec 6 2018

GitHub Cloud (

Bot by Cisco Systems
Bring more visibility to the entire development cycle with the GitHub Cloud bot for Webex Teams.

Want to stay on top of all the changes in your repositories? With notifications from GitHub Cloud, you can. Streamline code collaboration and make it easier for all the developers on your team to share ideas.

Note: Only GitHub Cloud accounts are supported by this bot. (Looking for the GitHub Enterprise bot for Webex Teams?)

Connect the GitHub Cloud bot for Webex Teams to your spaces to receive customizable notifications such as:

  • Commit Pushed, Status Updated, or Comment Added
  • Pull Request Opened or Comment Added
  • Branch or Tag Created or Deleted
  • Team Repository Added
  • Collaborator Added or Removed
  • Deployment Created or Status Updated
  • Release Published
  • Repository Forked
  • Issue Created or Updated
  • Issue Comment Added, Updated or Deleted
  • Wiki Page Added or Edited
  • Repository Starred

Type "@GitHub Cloud help" to the bot in Webex Teams to learn how to get started