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Jira Cloud (JiraCloud.bot@webex.bot)

Bot by Cisco Systems

Published Dec 7 2018

How to add to a space

to add

Published Dec 7 2018

Jira Cloud (JiraCloud.bot@webex.bot)

Bot by Cisco Systems
Keep your projects running on schedule with the Jira bot for Webex Teams.

The Jira Cloud bot for Webex Teams makes it easier for your entire team to build, monitor, and release software.

Connect the Jira Cloud bot to your spaces to start issuing commands such as:

  • Create or Update Issue
  • Get Recent Project Issues, Get All Sprint Issues, Get All My Sprint Issues, or Get Issue Details
  • Get Users by Group Name or Get User Information

You can also receive customizable notifications such as:

  • Board Created, Updated, or Deleted
  • Board Configuration Changed
  • Project Created, Updated, or Deleted
  • Issue Created, Updated, or Deleted
  • Sprint Created, Updated, or Deleted
  • Version Created, Updated, or Deleted
  • Comment Added, Edited, or Deleted
  • User Created, Edited, or Deleted

Note: While any Jira user role can set up workflows, a Jira administrator has to first authorize that Jira instance to connect to Webex Teams. This authorization only needs to be done once. (Have a Jira Server account? Check out the Jira Server bot for Webex Teams.)

Type "@Jira Cloud help" to the bot in Webex Teams to learn how to get started