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Published Aug 23 2018

How to add to a space

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Published Aug 23 2018

ScrumGenius (

Bot by ScrumGenius
ScrumGenius is a standup bot for agile teams. Run automated standups and check-in meetings in Webex Teams.

ScrumGenius is a clever assistant for agile teams. It runs automatic weekly check-ins and daily stand-ups to help managers to track the engagement and performance of their employees.


  • Enter standups interactively using the ScrumGenius bot
  • ScrumGenius will publish results to the space of your choosing for your team to discuss
  • Get email summaries of the results sent to your team leaders
  • You can configure the questions you wish to use
  • Supports timezones
  • Support for multiple teams on Webex under one ScrumGenius account
  • Delegate your teams to other team members to manage


@ScrumGenius help - Perform this command in a "General" team space or team subspace, and get a private message from the ScrumGenius bot for helpful instructions on getting started.

@ScrumGenius join - By default, the bot is able to post to the general space. Be sure to perform this command at least once so it can join other spaces and post updates.

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