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Published Dec 7 2018

How to add to a space

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Published Dec 7 2018

Trello (

Bot by Cisco Systems
Keep the team on track with the Trello bot for Webex Teams.

Due date changed? Comment added? List archived? With real-time notifications from the Trello bot for Webex Teams, all members of the team can stay in the know. You can even update your cards, lists, and checklists by issuing commands directly from your chosen spaces. Keep tabs on your tasks, make progress on your projects, and when you need to check in with the team, just turn on video.

Note: Any type of Trello user can set up workflows.

Connect the Trello bot to your spaces to start issuing commands such as:

  • Display, Create, or Rename Boards
  • Add Member to Board
  • Display, Create, Move, Rename, Archive, or Unarchive Lists
  • Display, Create, Move, Rename, Get, or Edit Cards
  • Add Comment, Label, Attachment or Member to Card
  • Edit Card Due Date
  • Change Card Status
  • Create or Rename Checklist or Checklist Item

You can also receive customizable notifications such as:

  • List Created, Updated, or Moved to Other Board
  • Card Created or Updated
  • Card Checklist Added
  • Checklist Item Created

Type "@Trello help" to the bot in Webex Teams to learn how to get started