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Tiger Prism (TigerPrism@sparkbot.io)

Bot by Tiger Communications plc

Published Aug 7 2017

How to add to a space

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Published Aug 7 2017

Tiger Prism (TigerPrism@sparkbot.io)

Bot by Tiger Communications plc
Schedule and deliver Prism data and alerts to your personalised Spark spaces easily with our Spark Bot.

In a complicated world, Tiger likes to keep things simple. That is why our Cisco Spark integration is no different.


Tiger Prism interrogates the Cisco Spark API to collect information about meetings, messages, people and call quality. These metrics are available in easy to use dashboards and reports so that you can monitor how you organisation is utilising the technology.


In addition, all of your data and alerts can be easily scheduled from Prism to deliver in your own personalised Spark spaces via this Tiger Prism Bot. This ease of information will allow the user to rapidly have discussions within their chosen team about specific data from their Prism system.


Watch our short video showing you more how Prism and Cisco Spark Collaborate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H98OMSAVixk


• Extended Reporting History, not limited to 3 month window

• Understand Spark space activities and volumes

• Deliver information and data to Spark Spaces as it happens

• Measure employee adoption of the Spark service

• Determine Call Quality

• Observe Registered and Active Hosts

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