OneMob - Videos for Spark

OneMob - Videos for Spark

Integration by OneMob

Published Aug 4 2017

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Published Aug 4 2017

OneMob - Videos for Spark

Integration by OneMob
Record, post and track video messages for Cisco Spark.

Introducing OneMob for Cisco Spark! Now you can post any video directly into Cisco Spark, all inside OneMob. OneMob makes video recording, posting and tracking easy for any professional. With the OneMob video engagement platform, you can:


  • Record HD video from your mobile device (iOS and Android apps), your webcam/screen (OneScreen – our Chrome app) or upload any existing video
  • Use our script teleprompter to record the perfect video (iOS Only)
  • Integrate green screen capabilities while recording (iOS Only)
  • Create engaging videos and give it a professional touch by adding your company logo, applying filters, and text overlay


  • Create a link and post directly to Cisco Spark
  • Show the video thumbnail directly in Cisco Spark to drive clicks and engagement


  • Get real-time notifications straight to your inbox when your recipient(s) engage with your video
  • Track exactly what’s resonating and log activity back to Salesforce

To get started, sign up with your OneMob ( and record a personal and engaging video!

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