Integration by M.io

Published Mar 5 2019

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Published Mar 5 2019


Integration by M.io
💬 Unified team chat for Slack & Webex Teams

M.io lets everyone in a company chat together across both Webex Teams and Slack.

Simply install M.io to natively chat with anyone in your organization.

M.io supports all the real-time messaging features your team needs to collaborate:

  • Search and find Slack team members in Webex Teams
  • Directly chat with anyone; participate in both spaces and channels.
  • Send files, view Slack reactions, and respond to threads through Webex Teams

M.io is ideal for:

  • Engineers using Slack can chat with people in Webex Teams
  • IT managers looking to improve their Unified Communications interoperability
  • Organizations that use more than one chat app

The Admin dashboard:

  • Simple, one-time setup: The centralized view of your organizational chat
  • Add people and access for guests
  • Manage and create channels

Unify your team's chat with M.io today!

For more information: Learn more here. FAQ

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