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ACTextBot (

Bot by Approved Contact


Text Bot allows text messages into and out of Webex Teams.

Text bot allows your customers and partners to send text messages into your business that get delivered into Webex Teams. Your replies to their text messages are typed into Webex Teams then our Text bot sends your replies to the text number it was received from. We allow your customers and partners to interact using their mobile phones without requiring them to install an additional mobile app or login to Webex Teams. Many of the benefits of Webex Teams messaging are leveraged into text messaging.

Imagine allowing the 7 billion mobile phones world-wide to easily and instantly to be able to communicate with the user's teams. We see the potential for the internet of things and text messaging to intersect inside of Webex Teams. Imagine also the potential of connecting our Text bot to other complimentary bots.

Our key industries for the Text Bot are banking, telecommunications, higher education, government, and manufacturing.

Wouldn't it be nice to?

  • Text to schedule video interviews for candidates
  • Text to schedule accountants, lawyers, loan officers
  • Text to open tickets inside of product support
  • Text to schedule university professor office hours
  • Text to report maintenance requirements for public roads

If you haven’t leased a text number yet from Approved Contact please email to begin the process. This service is currently only available in the United States.



Last Updated Dec 4 2019