Apeiron (messaging)

Apeiron (apeiron@webex.bot)

Bot by Apeiron


Communication tools for your team

The Apeiron Bot enables Webex Teams users to:

  • make phone calls
  • send & receive SMS and MMS messages
  • activate and deactivate phone numbers
  • send faxes and retrieve voicemails
  • access real time information about network performance and services status... Plus many more features offered by the Apeiron CPaaS platform.

To setup visit https://dashboard.apeiron.io to create an account and establish credentials that can be used to authenticate the Apeiron Bot.

To use many of the Apeiron services like making & receiving phone calls and sending and receiving SMS messages a paid account is required. Accounts can be created for free and pricing for services is able to be seen by going to "Ordering --> Order Services --> Create Quote when logged in to the Apeiron dashboard.

Please note the bot cannot be used in a 1:1 space and must be added to a Team Space.

For assistance getting started please visit https://apeiron.io/platforms/webex.

For detailed instructions on how to create and use the Apeiron Bot fore Webex please visit: https://www.apeiron.io/docs/integrations/docs-integrations-webex.

Examples of commands you can send to the Apeiron Bot:

  • View recent SMS messages received by typing recent sms messages received for [number].

  • To connect calls, type connect call between [number 1] and [number 2] using [from number] or call [number 1] and [number 2] using [from number].

  • For quick DID ordering, type order [quantity up to 5] numbers for trunk group id [trunk group id].

  • For assistance type HELP



Last Updated Jul 2 2019