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Check in on projects, code, and work items with the Azure DevOps Services bot for Webex Teams.

Your repositories, at a glance. With the Azure DevOps Services bot for Webex Teams, you can easily stay on top of the latest changes happening in your team’s repositories.


Connect the Azure DevOps Services bot to your spaces to receive customizable notifications such as:

  • Pull Request Created, Updated, or Merge Attempted
  • Release Deployment Started, Completed, or Approval Pending
  • Work Item Created, Restored, Updated, or Deleted
  • Work Item Comment Added
  • Build Completed
  • Code Checked In
  • Commit Pushed

To get started, go to your selected Webex Teams space, then type "@" and select Azure DevOps Services, followed by the command: help.


Developer Tools

Last Updated Apr 30 2019