Enterprise Text Messaging- BusinessMessagingBot (messaging)

Enterprise Text Messaging- BusinessMessagingBot (businessmessaging@webex.bot)

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Send and receive text messages from your corporate phone numbers using Webex Teams on mobile phones, laptop, desktop, or tablets. Turn on true single number reach.

Business Messaging for Webex Teams users is part of the Enterprise Text Messaging portfolio. Powered by [Tango Networks](http:// https://www.tango-networks.com/solutions/enterprise-text-messaging-solutions/)

The BusinessMessagingBot enables a Webex Teams user to initiate an SMS messaging conversation with any mobile or SMS-enabled telephone number.

The BusinessMessagingBot can create a new Webex Teams space where you can exchange 1-on-1 SMS messages with an SMS-enabled telephone number.

This service is available for North American-based numbers without adjusting any voice trunking.

To initiate a new messaging space with a mobile number, use the following command syntax:

<telephone number> <your text message>


12145551212 Hello there from Webex!

To use the BusinessMessagingBot, you must have an account on the Tango Networks Kinetic Cloud service.

Please contact sales@tango-networks.com or your Cisco Business Partner if you are interested in signing up for this service.


Sales, Marketing, & Support

Last Updated Feb 27 2020