Heroku (messaging)

Heroku (Heroku.bot@webex.bot)

Bot by Cisco Systems


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Keep tabs on all your cloud applications with updates from the Heroku bot for Webex Teams.

With the Heroku bot for Webex Teams, you and your team can receive alerts when your cloud applications are modified. Stay informed at every stage of development, and more efficiently build, run, and scale your projects.

Connect the Heroku bot to your spaces to receive customizable notifications such as:

  • Domain Created, Updated, or Deleted
  • New Dyno Created
  • Build Created or Updated
  • App Created, Updated, or Deleted
  • Collaborator Added, Updated, or Deleted
  • Release Created or Updated
  • Add-on Created, Updated, or Deleted

To get started, go to your selected Webex Teams space, then type "@" and select Heroku, followed by the command: help.


Developer Tools

Last Updated Apr 24 2019