Kore Chit Chat (messaging)

Kore Chit Chat (KoreChitChat@webex.bot)

Bot by Kore.ai, Inc.


Social & Fun
ChitChat is here for entertainment, Let's talk about the weather or share your rating about a movie you saw.

Chitchat is virtual assistant powered by Kore.ai This virtual assistant will help the user in the following task:

a) Weather Information: This can give you weather condition across the world. b) Movie Rating: This can give you information about movie rating and assists the user to rate a movie as well. c) Currency Exchange: This can help you with knowing exchange rates for different currencies. d) News Headlines: This can provide you the News Headlines.

Sample utterances you can try with the Bot are: a) Is it Sunny outside? b) What is the rating of Shawshank Redemption movie. c) Convert 20 USD to Yen. d) What are the news headlines?

To get started, Simply add the Bot to Webex Teams space and enter "help me" or "what can you do," and Bot will provide you a list of tasks it can perform for you. This Bot is being made to you on a 60-day trial period. At the end of this trial on the 60th day, your access to this Bot will end but we can quickly get you up and running again as a subscription.

Contact us at partner@kore.com for pricing or help in setting your Bot up.


Social & Fun

Last Updated May 16 2019