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A Chatbot to perform complex and tackle high volume tasks across the enterprise.

Use this chatbot to remove complexity and tackle high volume tasks across the enterprise with the ease of natural language. ServiceNow and JIRA are service management software that supports the enterprise in infrastructure and project management. This Bot enables you to use simple text commands to create incidents, problems, or change requests, and receive activity alerts. When an alert message is received, simply tell the bot to complete one or more related actions with just one tap.

Bot build on Bot Builder by Kore.ai will assist the user in the following tasks:

  • Lookup Item in ServiceNow
  • Request an asset in ServiceNow
  • Request a VM in JIRA
  • Report an Issue in ServiceNow
  • Reset Password  
  • Update an Incident in ServiceNow.
  • Subscribe to incident alerts from ServiceNow.

To get started, you will need to log into your ServiceNow or JIRA account from the Bot. Don't worry, the Bot will never access your account without asking you to do something for you.

All you need is an admin or business account with ServiceNow or JIRA. The tenant URL to your ServiceNow instance.

Simply add the Bot to a Webex Teams space and provide authentication during the conversation with Bot. When you perform a command, you will be asked to authenticate with the items listed above. Just provide the information, then your ServiceNow or JIRA account will start communicating to Bot.

Enter "help me" or "what can you do," and the Bot will provide you with a list of tasks it can perform for you. This Bot is being made to you on a 60-day trial period. At the end of this trial on the 60th day, your access to this Bot will end but we can quickly get you up and running again as a subscription.

Contact us at partner@kore.com for pricing or help in setting your Bot up.

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Last Updated Apr 15 2020