Log (messaging)

Log (log@webex.bot)

Bot by CMAD Systems LLC.


Track and log what you need

Do you have items to track that might need responses or answers? I can help. To get started, simply add me as a bot to a group space. As conformation for each newly logged item I will respond with a link to a web interface for simplified tracking.

@mention me [@Log] in a group space followed by a message you want to be tracked.

Then, respond to the thread to add to the log entry. You can:

  • add a reply or response
  • add an answer
  • close the log entry

You can also interact with log entries outside the thread or create a log entry out of a message that has already been posted.

Integration Access Use:

  • people_read - Once logged into the web interface, this permission is used to get your display name and display it in the navigation menu
  • rooms_read - No Webex Teams space names are stored by the bot. So, this permission allows the web interface to display the name of the Webex Teams space while looking at the recorded log entries.
  • messages_read - No message text is saved. We only use MessageIDs which allows the web interface to retrieve the message text using your authentication token.
  • messages_write - While looking at a log entry via the web interface, you can post a reply from there. This permission allows your reply to be posted back to the Webex Teams space

To go beyond what’s available through the App Hub, such as your own branding customization or bot name, please contact support@cmadsystems.com.



Last Updated Oct 27 2020