Mio (messaging)


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Chat better, together.

Invite your business contacts to join a universal channel. You stay in Webex Teams. They stay in Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Universal channels let you:

  • Respond to customers, partners, & vendors in real time: Work normally from Webex Teams spaces.

  • Chat from one place, not all over the place: Reduce the number of guest accounts you switch between.

  • Finish projects faster: Send files, reply to threads, & react to messages. You might even forget your external contacts don’t use Webex Teams.

  • Get work done with 3+ companies in one space: Chat with unlimited companies in a single universal channel across Webex Teams, Slack, Microsoft Teams.

How It Works

  1. Install Mio
  2. Create & name your universal channel
  3. Share your channel’s link with anyone you want to invite
  4. When they open your link, they join from their preferred chat app

Get Started For Free

  • Join as many universal channels as you like
  • Create your first universal channel for free

Learn more at www.m.io.

Video & Screenshots

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Last Updated Oct 29 2020