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NextPlane's ConverseCloud service delivers interoperability and federation for over 20 different UC and Team Collaboration platforms

Stay in Cisco Webex and connect with colleagues on other messaging platforms. The nextplane bot lets you collaborate with colleagues, inside or outside your company, not on Cisco Webex. With the nextplane bot, you can:

  • Invite and add each other as contacts
  • Send direct messages with rich text and emoji reactions
  • Join and participate in Slack channels
  • Share presence status (coming soon)
  • Search non-Webex contacts
  • Add non-Webex contacts to your favorites
  • Mute chats with non-Webex contacts

To get started with the nextplane bot, you need to add it to your Webex application. You will then be able to add non-Webex contacts and start communicating with them.

In order to use this application you need to have a Cisco Webex account and a valid ConverseCloud subscription at NextPlane.

To learn more, check out our Users Guide. Have trouble using the nextplane bot? Get in touch with the NextPlane support team. Need to subscribe? Contact NextPlane at or book a free call with the NextPlane expert.


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Last Updated Feb 10 2021