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Record, share and play your video meetings.

Powered by the REC.VC cloud service, the Recorder Bot enables meetings within a Space to easily and securely be recorded and shared with the members of the Space (e.g. anyone that couldn’t make the meeting or new team members).

To use the Recorder Bot, you need an active REC.VC account with the same email address as your Webex Teams account. You can sign up for a free REC.VC trial at

To get started:

  • Add the Recorder Bot ( to any Space
  • Enter @Recorder help for instructions/menu on how to use the Recorder Bot
  • Any user with a REC.VC account (with matching email address) can use @Recorder to Start, Pause, Resume, and Stop recording sessions.
  • The playback link is posted to all Space members when starting the recording.


The Recorder Bot securely captures and stores video, audio and content shared in the meeting. Both the communication between Webex Teams and REC.VC, as well as the recording itself, are encrypted in transit and in storage. By adding the bot to a Webex Teams space you confirm that all parties within the space explicitly consent to the content being recorded.

Any Webex Teams user with a REC.VC account (“User”), can use the Recorder Bot to start and stop recordings within any Space. The recording and all rights to it are fully owned by the User. Any member of a particular Space can ask the bot to list any recordings and play any recordings initiated by User(s) within the Space. The User may also share recordings via the REC.VC portal.

Users can at any point manually and permanently delete recordings via the REC.VC user interface. The entity subscribing to the REC.VC service (“Customer”), has the option to define a retention period for recordings for their own Users, e.g. that recordings are to be automatically deleted after X days. Unless this option is activated, the recordings will be stored with REC.VC as long as the Customer has an active contract. Recordings will automatically be deleted 3 months after the end of the contract, or upon request all recordings can be immediately deleted.

When signing up for the service the User can choose to have recordings processed and stored in one of our multi-tenant cloud locations in Ashburn, VA, USA, Frankfurt, Germany or Oslo, Norway, each has separate data centers for production and backup.

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Last Updated Sep 4 2019