SphereShield (messaging)


Integration by AGAT Software


Compliance and Security for Webex Teams

Meet your Compliance regulations and policies when deploying Webex Teams, using our Ethical Wall, DLP and eDiscovery.

#1 The Ethical Wall helps you control who can communicate with whom, restricting specific collaboration options like chat and file sharing. Policies can be applied on external users or on internal users and groups.

#2 Use our DLP to prevent sensitive data from being sent to the cloud or to external users. Gain control over what users share.

#3 Our Archive & eDiscovery helps companies capture all content, with the ability to search by a variety of parameters.

Customers will need both a Webex Teams compliance officer and Webex Teams admin account, plus our SphereShield subscription, to get started.

Contact a SphereShield sales representative at sales@agatsoftware.com to set up your account, start a pilot and for all of your pricing questions.