Vivoh Multicast (messaging)

Vivoh Multicast

Integration by Vivoh, Inc.


Scale Cisco Webex webinars with the Vivoh multicast App

The Vivoh multicast App enables Cisco Webex to reach thousands of on premises employees with HD video without affecting the network.

Vivoh Multicast receives RTMP video from Cisco Webex via the "Cisco Webex Meetings Live Streaming to Streaming Services" ( integration.

Vivoh Multicast broadcasts your meeting or event via multicast for playback in the Vivoh Multicast App.

Vivoh Webinar Manager enables event hosts to publish one link that will redirect users through either the Vivoh Multicast App or the Cisco Webex App depending upon networking rules.

Cisco Webex messaging is seamlessly integrated into the Vivoh multicast App providing a unified experience when streaming Cisco Webex webinars.

Usage of the Vivoh multicast App requires a Cisco Webex account and a Vivoh software subscription.

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Last Updated Mar 8 2021