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Faster, smarter meeting scheduling for Webex Teams

Zoom.ai is the faster, smarter way for recruiters and sales teams to schedule meetings.

With your Zoom.ai Meeting Assistant, you can easily automate all types of meeting scheduling, reserve rooms, and get organized before your meetings.

Simply chat with your A.I. meeting assistant in natural language, just like you would a real human assistant! Zoom.ai syncs with all calendars and integrates into 60+ work applications like Salesforce and Greenhouse.io.

Get back hours in your day & focus on the work that matters.

  • Schedule, update, cancel meetings without the back and forth
  • Check your calendar whenever you want right in Webex Teams
  • Instantly share when you’re free in emails or direct messages with your own personal scheduling link
  • Be prepared for every meeting with automatic meeting briefings & people insights

Get started:

  1. Invite zoom@webex.bot into your Webex Teams account
  2. Say hello! If our bot was added in a group room, say @zoom.ai hello
  3. Follow your Zoom.ai assistant's instructions to sign in and start delegating tasks

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Last Updated Jun 27 2019