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UMA Provides your business with the tools to change the way you manage space.

UMA Workplace pro integrates seamlessly with all your Cisco Webex Devices. UMA Uses the Webex Devices Camera to detect people, display real-time occupancy, and enable room-release and auto-book functionality. Our UMA Book Display Panel UI is available for the Cisco Webex Navigator, providing clear meeting room booking information.

UMA Workplace Pro provides dashboard command and control of your Cisco Webex Room Devices and gateways along with other audio-visual equipment and workplace sensors. UMA enables you to monitor equipment performance, reduce operational cost and carbon footprint and provides business intelligence and integrates with O365 and Google workspace.

UMA Workplace Pro is a subscription-based SaaS model. To purchase the solution, please contact UMA Is a single solution license to manage Room, Desk and meeting room utilization across all of your Cisco Webex devices.

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