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Max, the virtual host that knows who’s in your store or venue

Max is an intelligent virtual host who knows and understands your customers and empowers teams to deliver a superior experience.


  • Recognizes your customers and notifies you when they arrive on site.
  • Delivers real-time triggered notifications based on customer segments
  • Searches across zones in your venue for a precise customer location
  • Calculates an updated score for each customer based on their level of engagement
  • Delivers an Engagement Scorecard upon your request for quick reference
  • Enables collaborative, White Glove treatment for VIP or loyal, frequent customers
  • Integrates with loyalty & other systems to further enrich the customer scorecard

To get started using Max, you will need:

  1. ENGAGEcx and your Administrator
  2. Cisco CMX or Meraki with Captive portal login

Simply add Max to Webex Teams Group Space (this bot is not meant for use with 1:1 Spaces). Enter Help and Max will provide you tasks he can perform.

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Last Updated Apr 2 2018