Pivotal Tracker (teams)

Pivotal Tracker (PivotalTracker.bot@webex.bot)

Bot by Cisco Systems

Webex Teams

Add more transparency to your software development process with the Pivotal Tracker bot for Webex Teams.

Want to see all your team’s projects at a glance, even when you’re out of the office? With the Pivotal Tracker bot for Webex Teams, you can. Get real-time developer updates to keep the momentum going on your collaborative work, and become a more adaptive, productive team.

Connect Pivotal Tracker to your spaces to receive customizable notifications such as:

  • Epic Created, Updated, or Deleted
  • Story Added, Updated, or Deleted
  • Task Added, Renamed, or Deleted
  • Comment Added, Edited, or Deleted
  • Blocker Added, Edited, or Deleted

To get started, go to your selected Webex Teams space, then type "@" and select Pivotal Tracker, followed by the command: help.

Webex Teams


Last Updated Dec 18 2018