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Manage contacts, leads and opportunities with the simplicity and convenience of text.

Manage Contacts, leads and opportunities with the simplicity and convenience of text. Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that offers a broad suite of CRM applications with a focus on sales and support. Use natural language to watch and manage contacts, opportunities, leads, and cases that need attention. Bot build by will assist the user in following tasks: Contact can be created, updated & Viewed Opportunity can be created, updated, Viewed and alerts can be subscribed Leads can be created, updated, viewed and alerts can be subscribed The case can be created and alerts can be subscribed An account can be viewed Top opportunities can be viewed

To get started, you will need to log into your Salesforce account from the Bot. Don't worry, the Bot will never access your account without asking you to do something for you. All you need is

  1. A developer or business account with Salesforce
  2. Your user credentials.

Simply add the Bot to Webex Teams space. When you perform a command, you will be asked to authenticate with the items listed above. Just provide the information, then your salesforce account will start communicating to Bot.

Enter "help me" or "what can you do," and the Bot will provide you a list of tasks it can perform for you. This Bot is being made to you on a 60-day trial period. At the end of this trial on the 60th day, your access to this Bot will end but we can quickly get you up and running again as a subscription.

Contact us at for pricing or help in setting your Bot up.

*Salesforce logo and trademark are owned by Salesforce.

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Last Updated Apr 25 2019