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Bot by Cisco Systems

Webex Teams

Add some extra IQ to your incident resolution with the ServiceNow bot for Webex Teams.

With the ServiceNow bot for Webex Teams, you get instant alerts in your spaces when incidents are created, tasks are updated, problems are closed, and more. Now you can easily create, resolve and even subscribe to incident updates right from Webex Teams.

Note: You will first need your ServiceNow administrator to setup the bot for your organization to use. Global applications are supported.

ServiceNow Admins can setup the following notifications to spaces using the bot:

  • Incident Created, Updated, or Deleted
  • Change Request Created, Updated, or Deleted
  • Task Created, Updated, or Deleted
  • Problem Created, Updated, or Closed

Here are other actions the bot allows:

  • Create a new incident and subscribe to changes
  • Search for incidents
  • Resolve an incidents
  • Delete an incidents

To get started, add the bot to a Webex Teams space using this bot Type @servicenow, followed by help.

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Last Updated May 29 2020