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Cerium Networks' Traveler Bot is a Google Maps bot built to support your traveling needs.

Cerium Networks' Traveler bot is a conversational Google Maps bot that allows users to have human-like interactions to retrieve locations, directions and images. By utilizing DialogFlow, a powerful natural language processor capable of machine learning, the Traveler Bot is constantly improving itself to understand questions that users ask it.

The Traveler Bot can understand thousands of questions that users may ask. Natural language processing gives it the ability to differentiate between small-talk and inquiries that have specific intentions.

You can simply ask for help to get a menu of Traveler Bot's capabilities. If you want to get specific examples of locations, directions and images, just ask it about any of these topics. An example question would be "Can you show me location examples?" By default, it will provide the user with a small set of examples but the user can ask for more examples if they wish.

Example location retrieval questions:

  1. Show me London
  2. Locate 1636 W 1st Ave Spokane, WA
  3. Show me a map of Paris

Example directions retrieval questions:

  1. I want directions from Denver to Spokane
  2. I want to drive from Denver to Dallas tomorrow at 1 pm
  3. Can you show me directions from 808 W Main Ave, Spokane WA to 1636 W 1st Ave Spokane, WA

Example image retrieval questions:

  1. Image of France
  2. Can you show me a picture of the Space Needle?
  3. I want an image of the Sistine Chapel width 300 height 100

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Last Updated Jan 29 2018