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Integration by Panopto


Panopto’s Cisco Webex Meetings integration allows meeting recordings to be automatically ingested into Panopto, making them searchable, secure, and easy to share.

Panopto is a secure video portal for your Cisco Webex Meetings recordings which allows users to share recordings with people who couldn’t attend the meeting and recall relevant moments from any meeting.

Webex Meetings administrators get more control over recording permissions. Meeting hosts benefit from simplified sharing. Participants get a more interactive and engaging playback experience.

Webex Meetings Admins

  • Centralize your recordings in a secure repository with unlimited storage
  • Use SSO to simplify access management and reduce support costs
  • Audit viewing activity to ensure internal and regulatory compliance
  • Organize videos by topic and curate videos for the portal homepage

Meeting Hosts

  • Organize all your recordings in an easy-to-use portal
  • Automatically share your recordings with meeting participants
  • Edit your recordings
  • Securely embed recordings in other portals, CMSs, and LMSs
  • Request ADA Section 508-compliant transcriptions

Meeting Participants

  • Search across all your recordings for any spoken or written word
  • Watch recordings in an immersive video player in high def
  • Control playback speed and bookmark key moments

A Panopto Enterprise account is required to use this service. To get started, simply log into your Panopto Enterprise account as an administrator and click on System -> Webex Integration. Or, if you do not have a Panopto Enterprise account, go to for a free trial.

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Last Updated Feb 15 2021