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Security & Compliance
AI-based archiving, eDiscovery, and supervision for Cisco Webex Meetings, Cisco Webex Events, and Cisco Webex Training with automated compliance risk detection.

Regulated organizations are faced with the challenge of knowing what is in their communications due to increasing electronic communication regulations, new privacy rules, and increased accountability regimes.

Theta Lake streamlines the compliance and review process for video recordings, providing an AI-based archiving, eDiscovery, and supervision platform for Webex Meetings, Webex Events, and Webex Training.

Through Theta Lake’s native integration with the Webex Meetings suite, the audio and visual content within video recordings -- including shared files, screen sharing, and whiteboard content -- is analyzed for compliance risks and is stored in a secure, WORM-compliant archive based on rule-based retention policies.


  • Automated Risk Detection: 40+ built-in policies powered by NLP and Deep Learning detect regulatory, corporate compliance, and conduct risks in audio and visual content
  • Data Leakage Prevention: Detect any sharing of confidential information
  • Secure, WORM Compliant Archive + eDiscovery
  • AI-Assisted Workflow & Insights: Compliance teams are more efficient, effective performing compliance review

Customers need an active Webex Meetings, Webex Events or Webex Training host account plus a paid Theta Lake subscription to get started. Please contact a Theta Lake sales representative at to set up an account and for questions on pricing.

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Webex Meetings

Security & Compliance

Last Updated Sep 29 2019