Vbrick® Rev® (meetings)

Vbrick® Rev®

Integration by Vbrick Systems

Webex Meetings

VBrick Rev allows you to record, manage, and stream Webex meetings to large audiences.

The Vbrick® Rev® enterprise video platform seamlessly complements Cisco Webex Meetings:

  • Live streaming - Stream Webex meetings to thousands of simultaneous participants. You can host broadcasts from any Cisco TelePresence system and have multiple presenters and locations.

  • Video content management - Easily manage video for Webex meeting recordings, including tools for metadata and speech search, access control, content expiration, efficient video playback and caching, speech to text, online video editing, and ever-expanding capabilities incorporating AI and analytics.

  • Fully-hosted cloud solution - Allow people within your distributed workforce to access, edit, and view video in Webex meeting recordings easily and securely.

Vbrick Rev’s integration with Webex Meetings is another example of why Vbrick was awarded Cisco’s ISV Collaboration Partner of the Year (2018) and is Cisco’s chosen standard for enterprise video.

Webex Meetings


Last Updated Sep 13 2019