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With all of the innovative third-party apps on the Cisco Webex Hub, a filtered subset of development partners will create something more business relevant that can have a significant impact on winning Cisco Webex opportunities and driving active usage of the Webex platform. We want the Cisco field and channel partners to be successful when bringing these vendors into your customer accounts. Internal and External sales teams will want to know which vendors we are establishing more strategic relationships with and which apps they can achieve a higher level of value from. The Cisco Webex Ecosystem Sales Program enables Cisco channel partners to purchase Webex Integrations and Bots built by independent software vendors (ISVs) from Cisco directly and resell to their customers.

Program benefits You can monetize third-party Cisco Webex Integrations or Bots in addition to selling Cisco Webex licenses and gear to customers with the ease of purchasing it directly from Cisco.

Available Now on Cisco GPL

Partner's name Vertical Selling Cues
Vbrick Cross Vertical- Strongest in Manufacturing, Enterprise, Finance, Healthcare Customer creates/ingests a great deal of video content from recorded or live streaming sessions. They mentioned training use cases or employee onboarding needs. They do company wide all hands, they have invested in room based video endpoints or are thinking about buying cloud/prem units
Singlewire Cross Vertical- Strongest in Public Sector, Manufacturing, Enterprise and Retail Customer has mentioned safety/security and incident management as a care about. Customer with CUCM/HCS endpoints are low hanging fruit for added value with Webex Teams integration. They want a way to do mass notifications (for standard or emergency purposes) and measure results
Vyopta Webex Meetings, UC, Conferencing and Endpoints Customers Zoom compete. Deployments of Webex or HCS
Local Measure Hospitality (hotel, casino, resort, theme park), Retail, Malls, Entertainment venues and Stadiums Customer has physical location(s), Desire to protect brand image, Customer Experience is a major care about, existing Social Media activities, customer has Meraki APs
Approved Contact Horizontal but can be verticalized within Public Sector and Retail Customer has invested in a supported Calendar product (O365, Google, Lotus Notes, Exchange), appointment scheduling is a common workflow internally or with guest/visitors online. Customer has multiple departments or customers/partners that they want to interact with and easily compare calendar times across organizations
Involvio Higher Education Customer wants to improve the student experience and help solve the problems of student retention, unifying campus resources, driving student engagement and gathering key insights.
Actiance Financial, Public Sector, Legal Customer is in a regulated industry or frequently deals with sensitive/confidential Info. Compliance and Archival of Webex Teams activities is a requirement to win their business
Mio Customer with multiple enterprise collaboration platforms, Horizontal Webex Teams opportunity with customer that already has non-Cisco based enterprise collaboration platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Customers with fragmented and siloed messaging environment